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Wakefield Observatory

The Wakefield Observatory is designed to assist local people, the Council, partners, local businesses and the voluntary and community sector in accessing and understanding key facts about the district. It has also been designed to help officers and members with the planning of services and targeting of resources, particularly for area and locality working.

The core purpose of the Wakefield Observatory is to provide an easily accessible, single store for a wide range of validated data and analysis. The key principles of the Wakefield Observatory are,

  • To gather a wide range of data and information relating to the Wakefield district and store and publish it in one place.
  • For the Observatory to be accessible and understandable to wide range of users.
  • Data will be made available in an open and transparent way.
  • Data in the Observatory is validated and quality checked.
  • Data will be disaggregated to small areas, wherever possible.
  • The Observatory will contain a mix of quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Regular formal updates will ensure the data is consistent and timely.
  • The Observatory will produce standardised outputs, e.g. area profiles.

State of the District Report

The State of the District report provides a snapshot and trend analysis of the current social, economic, health and well-being of our district. The report is designed to support and inform local decision-making and setting of priorities, as well as to provide an overview for all those who currently, or wish to live, work, visit or invest in Wakefield.

Partnership Plans

You can download the latest version of the:

Other documents

For further information on any of the above, please contact the Partnership Team at lsp@wakefieldlsp.org.uk.